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Say goodbye to rough edges, uneven walls, and defective moldings by hiring the best Orangevale stucco contractor to serve all your commercial and residential stucco and plastering needs!

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Does your Orangevale building look worn and outdated from the outside? Do you need help maintaining the exterior of your property? Are the frequent maintenance jobs draining your bank account? As a premium Orangevale stucco contractor, we have the right solution for all your problems, i.e., our commercial and residential stucco services!

Stucco is a cement-based substance put in numerous layers to form a durable coating capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions like wind, rain, and hail. Stucco is also preferred for home builders and homeowners because it is insect and fireproof. By plastering your Orangevale building's exterior, you can save a fortune on the frequent need for repairs and maintenance down the road.

As the top Orangevale stucco contractor, Atlas Stucco has decades of combined experience in stuccoing and plastering all types of structures in and around Orangevale. We believe hiring the right Orangevale stucco contractor is the key to a well-done job. But with so many stucco companies, how do you decide which Orangevale stucco contractor is the perfect fit for the job?

Our reputation is built by our continued display of honesty and integrity when dealing with homeowners and property managers in Orangevale. We believe in providing our clients with a full picture so they are completely aware of all the aspects of their commercial or residential stucco project.

Thus, let us show you how to shortlist suitable stucco companies and hire the best Orangevale stucco contractor for your commercial or residential stucco task:

Choosing the Ideal Orangevale Stucco Contractor

Selecting a Orangevale stucco contractor is a crucial choice because it can affect the quality and functionality of your project. The following advice will help you pick the ideal Orangevale stucco contractor:

Do Your Research

Find reliable stucco companies in your region by asking around in your social circle or with the help of the internet. Search for a Orangevale stucco contractor with a strong history of producing high-quality work, positive reviews, and good ratings.

Here's a pro tip: Always ask the stucco companies to provide relevant samples of a previously completed project, references from past clients, and check out their ratings on various online platforms.

Although at Atlas Stucco, all these things will be provided to you before you even have to ask. We have a proven record of successful residential stucco and commercial plastering projects. Our long list of happy clients will be delighted to vouch for us!


Choose a builder with knowledge of installing and repairing stucco. Choose a Orangevale stucco contractor who has completed outstanding projects and knows a range of stucco styles and products.

Remember you need a Orangevale stucco contractor that does not cut off ties even after completing your commercial or residential stucco project. You need someone to stick around to fix any future problems, such as repairing water leaks.

The specialists on our team at Atlas Stucco have extensive experience in both commercial and residential stucco projects. Besides, we are also trained in dealing with any stucco-related issues like water leaks or stucco damage. Hiring us as a Orangevale stucco contractor means we always have your back!

License and Insurance

Check the license and registration of the stucco companies you are considering hiring to ensure they are valid for working in your region. This can shield you from risk and guarantee that the work complies with regulations.

Atlas Stucco is a fully licensed and insured Orangevale stucco contractor. We are also completely aware of all the codes and regulations associated with commercial and residential stucco work in Orangevale.


While many stucco companies in Orangevale can deliver outstanding outcomes, they tend to have low scores when communicating with clients. Choose a Orangevale stucco contractor who communicates well and clearly. A professional Orangevale stucco contractor will happily respond to your inquiries and inform you of the project's development.

At Atlas Stucco, we believe communication is the key to a seamless and successful commercial and residential stucco project. Thus, we take time to address any queries you may have before or during the plastering procedure.


Get estimates from several stucco companies in your area and evaluate their costs. Remember that quality work may necessitate more prices, so there may be better choices than the cheapest option.

As the highest-rated Orangevale stucco contractor, we are devoted to providing our customers a quality service at affordable prices. Thus, you can count on us for all stucco projects, whether you need to get new plastering done or are simply looking for someone to fix water leaks.

Our Commercial and Residential Stucco and Plastering Services

As a full-service Orangevale stucco contractor, we offer various commercial and residential stucco services to Orangevale based on the particular requirements of your building. Here is a brief overview of what our plastering services comprise:

New Stucco Installation

If you need a more durable and low-maintenance exterior for your building, you can hire us for a new stucco installation. We have a team of experts who are trained and experienced, particularly in installing new stucco.

Repairing Old Stucco

Even though stucco is a low-maintenance option compared to other exterior treatments, it can still require minor repairs sometimes. Water leaks are a common issue with plastering. If you suspect water damage, you can call us to find the water leaks' source and fix them immediately!

Painting and Cleaning Stucco

Continuous exposure to external elements necessitates the need for cleaning and painting stucco after every few years. As the leading Orangevale stucco contractor, we can do that for you! 

Stucco Replacement

If your stucco is damaged beyond repair, you can call us to remove the old stucco and replace it with a new one at affordable prices compared to other stucco companies in the region.

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About Orangevale

Orangevale, CA, is a CDA in Sacramento, California, USA, in the United States of America. It is situated around 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) north of Sacramento. The most recent census revealed a population of 30,564, up from the previous count of 30,125 taken the year before.

Before the arrival of Europeans more than 150 years ago, the gently sloping hills of Orangevale, CA, were blanketed with trails made by Maidu Indians, deer, and other small animals. Settlers, ranchers, and gold miners from all over the world migrated to this region because of the fertile land and the proximity to the Mother Lode. They were drawn here by the abundant agriculture. In a short time, land grants were put up for sale and then partitioned. The cattlemen followed shortly after, and many arrived on the newly constructed transcontinental railroad.

Although it is commonly referred to as "the Vale," Orange Vale progressively became renowned as Orangevale, CA, as time passed. The number of colonists who settled in "the Vale" continued to rise, contributing to the region's growing prosperity. A fortunate circumstance: water was not hard to come by in Orangevale, CA. Vineyards, orange groves, and other fruit orchards found the ready-made trenches in the eastern half that had been excavated for placer extraction on the Mississippi Bar to be an ideal source of irrigation water. Despite the challenges presented to agriculture in 1930 due to a very harsh winter that destroyed almost all of the orange groves, cropping continued. Orangevale, CA, developed into a peaceful rural community that expanded in a measured and consistent manner.

People keep moving into Orangevale, CA, because of the area's natural beauty, the abundance of recreational options, the excellent schools, and the rapid growth of the industrial sector in both Sacramento County and Placer County. Despite all this development, Orangevale, CA, has managed to preserve a significant number of its historic oak trees, in addition to its distinctively rural atmosphere and network of hiking trails. It's common knowledge that Orangevale, CA, has the highest percentage of Asian residents of any city in California. The neighborhood is home to many people of Korean and Chinese American descent. Orangevale, CA, is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the entirety of California because the Asian community accounts for around one-quarter of the total population there.

As with any other demographic, the Asian-American population has its fair share of criminal activity. Most crimes in Orangevale, CA, take place at night. This may have an effect on the communities as these regions have suffered from high crime rates during the daytime. Because a significant portion of the Asian populace resides in single-family houses, there is an increased possibility of criminal activity in neighborhoods where it would not ordinarily be expected to occur.

You can reach downtown Sacramento quickly and easily from Folsom, thanks to the light rail stations' proximity. Sacramento International Airport is the primary airport serving the region and is situated not too far away. You will never be more than a short distance away from a major highway or a freeway when you are in Orangevale, CA, which has a good number of roadways.

Folsom, located only a few miles from Orangevale, CA, features a light rail system. Orangevale, CA, is approximately a half-hour drive from Sacramento International Airport. The Orangevale region is home to one of the wealthiest towns in the entire state of California, making it a prime candidate for this distinction. The area is home to a number of prestigious educational institutions, one of which is Stanford University.

Orange County real estate in the Orangevale, CA, neighborhood is known for having higher than average prices. They often have a price tag of over 2 million dollars, which places them well within the financial reach of the majority of Americans. Most people feel relatively safe living in the outskirts of Orangevale, CA, and the Orange County Sheriff's Department has recognized many areas inside the county's suburbs as being free from danger and devoid of criminal activity. Given that there are a number of schools that have been classified as schools of choice, it is the responsibility of the Orangevale, CA, administration to make sure that this is the case.

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