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Sacramento Residential Stucco Contractor & Installer

Are you sick of maintaining crumbling siding or fading paint? Searching for a quick, affordable way to change the style or appearance of your Sacramento house? Seek help from a professional residential stucco contractor!

Residential Stuccoing and Plastering Contractor in Sacramento

Residential stucco is an excellent plastering method that may give a structure a long-lasting and appealing surface, but it necessitates proper installation and upkeep to last. Thus, it is crucial to hire the expertise of a knowledgeable contractor who is familiar with the complexities of plastering and can provide a top-notch application.

After years of stuccoing and plastering on homes all around Sacramento, Atlas Stucco has built a solid reputation for being the top residential stucco contractor in Sacramento. We can offer you a range of colors and textures alternatives for your residential property, whether you are looking for a new stucco installation or old stucco repair.

With the experience of the most skilled installers in Sacramento, you can count on us to provide an attractive and durable stucco finish that is more affordable than repainting and other siding options!

Residential Stucco in Sacramento

Residential stucco is a fairly common exterior plastering treatment for many dwellings in the Sacramento region. Since stucco has the capacity and resilience to endure the warm and arid climate of the region, stucco finishing can be seen on every other building in Sacramento.

Not just Sacramento but the numerous residential and commercial structures in California have stuccoed surfaces, making it one of the state's most widely used exterior treatments. You can apply stucco on various structural types, from contemporary to Mediterranean-style buildings.

Sacramento has rich historical sites, with a wide range of architectural designs across the town and its environs. Although other exterior finishes are employed in the region, stucco is preferred since it offers a resilient, low-maintenance surface that can withstand climate patterns.

So, regardless of your home’s architectural style, you can opt for residential stucco installation or repair by the top-rated stucco contractor in Sacramento, i.e., Atlas Stucco!

Our Residential Stucco Process

Adding a plaster coating to the external walls of a home or other residential structure is known as residential stucco. Stucco is a weather-enduring plaster comprised of mortar, sand, and water, occasionally with other additions like limestone or resins.

Our residential stucco installation process takes place by applying layers on an underlying framework, for instance, a metal grid or any other type of reinforcing structure, followed by texturing or smoothening of the final surface.

Here is how we undertake most residential stucco projects in Sacramento

Prepping: Our installers start with cleaning, repairing, and installing any sealing or bridging to ensure the plaster will attach adequately are all steps in the preparation process.

Lathing: To establish a solid foundation for the stucco, we put a sheet of wire netting or another reinforcing material over the exterior of the surfaces.

Application: This phase involves putting the stucco on the walls in numerous layers, allowing time between each layer to set and solidify before moving to the next.

Finishing: To achieve the intended aesthetic look, the stucco is sanded and patterned as requested after the final layer has been put.

Why is residential stucco a Common Exterior Treatment in Sacramento?

Homeowners in Sacramento frequently hire us as your residential stucco contractor. But what makes residential stucco a popular exterior treatment in the region? Here are a few reasons why many Sacramento residents choose to get stucco repair and installation:


Stucco is a strong, long-lasting material that can survive the weather and prevent deterioration from accidents, making it a wise choice for locations that frequently suffer strong winds, torrential rain, or extremely high or low temperatures.

Simple to Maintain

Stucco plastering requires less care and repair than other external treatments like hardwood or vinyl siding. It can be maintained with a conventional power washer or hose and does not require frequent painting or staining.

Energy Efficiency

By restricting the heat loss through the sidewalls in cooler temperatures and maintaining the inside pleasant in the hot season, residential stucco in Sacramento can contribute to insulating property and lower energy expenditures.


Stucco is a flexible substance that can be formed into various textures and designs, allowing homeowners a variety of design alternatives. From classic to contemporary, it can create a range of architectural designs.

Resale Value

Stucco is a common and appealing exterior finish that can make a property stand out in a competitive market. Hence, Sacramento residences with stucco facades may have greater resale prices.

Factors That Affect Residential Stucco Cost

Several variables, including the dimensions and style of the house, the kind of plaster being employed, and the position of the building, might affect the price of stuccoing a home. Nonetheless, homeowners should budget around $8 to $12 for every square foot for a typical stucco installation.

These additional expenses could be:

Lathing: To give the stucco a sturdy foundation, a piece of metal mesh or other anchoring substance would be required, which can increase the cost.

Texturing: Installing a textured or ornamental finish may cost more if the customer desires it.

Repair: Even before plaster can be put in, any underlying problems with the building, like water leakage or cracks, must be fixed.

Labor: The labor cost can change based on the expertise and competence of the contractor engaged.

Why Choose Us As Your Sacramento Residential Stucco Contractor?

Choosing the best residential stucco contractor in Sacramento can be difficult. But you don’t need to go from contractor to contractor because at Atlas Stucco, we provide the best residential stucco services in Sacramento:


Understanding the materials, procedures, and tools needed for residential stucco in Sacramento is quite essential. Our entire installation team has unparalleled knowledge of plastering and stucco installation and repair.

Open Communication

Throughout the procedure, we communicate transparently and unambiguously. This may entail giving you a thorough project strategy, outlining the tasks that will be performed, and keeping you updated on any problems or setbacks that may occur.

References and Reviews

We have a long list of satisfied clients and will be delighted to share their samples and reviews for your reference. This is essential for building trust before we start working on your residential stucco process.

For further information, contact the Sacramento residential stucco repair and installation specialists at Atlas Stucco!

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