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Sacramento Commercial Stucco Installation Contractor

Commercial stucco jobs are frequently difficult, time-consuming, and intricate. With its expertise and resources, Atlas Stucco in Sacramento can complete a commercial stucco and plastering project on schedule and under budget. We have a team of dependable, skilled professionals in Sacramento who specialize in commercial stucco and plastering that can assist you in meeting your building requirements.

We are a Sacramento commercial stucco contractor with the expertise you require and a name you can rely on. We are completely certified, bonded, and insured for all sorts of commercial stucco repair and plastering services.

Commercial Stucco Contractor Sacramento

A lot of plastering companies in Sacramento claim to deliver promising results whether you hire them for stucco repair and installation or plastering. Still, when given the opportunity, they fail to complete a commercial stucco project perfectly due to a lack of experience and expertise in that area.

As an experienced commercial stucco contractor in Sacramento, we want you to know that residential and commercial plastering is done differently; thus, each job calls for relevant expertise. You must hire a professional commercial stucco contractor in Sacramento like Atlas Stucco if you require stucco repair or installation for a commercial property in Sacramento, i.e., offices, shopping complexes, retail outlets, industrial facilities, and restaurants or hotels.

How Commercial Stucco Differs From Residential Stucco


Stucco used in commercial buildings is often thicker than stucco used in homes. This is because commercial structures are frequently bigger and more exposed to the weather, so making a thicker stucco covering forms a superior form of protection.


Compared to residential stucco, commercial stucco is intended to be more resilient. This is due to the greater deterioration and possibility of more severe weather that commercial structures may experience.


Commercial stucco might appear differently than residential stucco. Even though both varieties can be tailored to the property owner's aesthetic choices, commercial stucco might have a finer surface or a varied shade than residential stucco.


Commercial stucco repair in Sacramento may need more planning and professional tools than residential stucco placement. Commercial structures are frequently larger and more intricately designed, complicating accessing them and properly laying the stucco.


Generally speaking, commercial stucco is more costly than residential stucco. This is because installation might be more difficult and time-consuming, as well as requiring more supplies and personnel.

Usually, the degree of resilience and defense needed is the fundamental distinction between stucco used in commercial and residential buildings in Sacramento. Though residential plastering is often more affordable and may need a different degree of resistance, commercial stucco is made to resist the harsher circumstances they are subjected to.

To ensure that the stucco is placed correctly and satisfies the particular needs of the building, it is crucial to engage with a competent commercial stucco contractor who has worked on both residential and commercial buildings.

Cost of Commercial Stucco in Sacramento

The structure's scale, the project's difficulty, and the kind of stucco product used are just a few of the variables that might affect the price of commercial plastering. Hence, you should request your commercial stucco contractor to provide you with a detailed estimate on the project.

While determining the expense of a commercial plastering project, take into account the following factors:

Building Size

Pricing for commercial stucco in Sacramento is usually determined by square footage. The cost of stuccoing a larger structure will increase

Stucco Kind

There are numerous stucco varieties, each with a distinct price. Artificial stucco tends to be more costly, but traditional plastering is usually cheaper overall. The cost of preparatory work will increase if the structure has any old siding or other coverings to be scraped to apply stucco.

Design Elements

The price of installing stucco will increase if the structure has intricate design elements like curves or unique angles.

Labor Charges

Based on the area and the experience of the commercial stucco contractor, the labor expenses for commercial stucco can change. A trustworthy commercial stucco contractor will have a group of knowledgeable workers who can do stucco repair quickly and precisely, which could result in a higher cost.

The charges can also be different from one commercial stucco contractor to another. For a ballpark figure, traditional stucco can cost anywhere between $6 and $10 for every square footage, and artificial stucco can cost between $8 and $12 for every square foot. This indicates that, based on the parameters described above, the price of plastering 5,000 square-foot commercial structure might be between $30,000 and $60,000 or maybe more.

Before beginning a project, receiving a comprehensive quote from a dependable commercial stucco contractor in Sacramento is crucial. Based on the particular requirements of the structure and the preferred stucco finishing, your Sacramento commercial stucco contractor will be able to offer a more precise cost.

Why Hire Atlas Stucco as Your Commercial Stucco Contractor in Sacramento

Hiring us as your commercial stucco contractor for your building’s plastering and stucco repair needs in Sacramento can offer many benefits, including the following:


Large-scale commercial structures can have stucco installed correctly with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Sacramento commercial stucco contractor like Atlas Stucco. We are familiar with how to prep the exterior of the building correctly and lay the plaster to maintain adequate adhesion because we have previously dealt with jobs equivalent to this.


Working at heights while applying stucco on a Sacramento business structure can be risky. Being a renowned commercial stucco contractor in Sacramento, we have the necessary safety gear and procedures to guarantee the protection of both employees and the general public.


Plastering is an investment in a business building's longevity and aesthetic appeal. The process will be done correctly the first time if you use a skilled commercial stucco contractor like Atlas Stucco, producing a high quality finish that will endure the test of time.

For a quick & free quote on your upcoming commercial stucco project in Sacramento, call us immediately, and we promise you won't regret it!

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