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Sacramento Stucco Plastering Contractor

As Sacramento’s leading stucco plastering contractors, we can install various plastering work ideal for residential and commercial structures throughout the Sacramento region. 

Stucco Plastering Contractor Sacramento

Stucco plastering solutions for residences, businesses, and other facilities often include the placement, maintenance, or renovation of exterior and interior plaster finishes. Walls, roofs, bridges, pillars, and ornate carvings can all be constructed with plaster, a diverse material.

Stucco plastering services primarily entail applying stucco on outer walls to give a long-lasting, weather-resistant surface. Several uses for stucco plastering include chimneys, external walls, and finishing touches. Working with a trained contractor, such as the crew at Atlas Stucco, is essential if you're considering stucco plastering solutions because we have experience dealing with stucco and can guarantee that the completed work is robust, weather-resistant, and attractive.

Our Sacramento Stucco Plastering Services

At Atlas Stucco, we offer a range of stucco plastering services for residential and commercial buildings in Sacramento. Here is an overview of everything that we offer:

Residential Stucco Plastering in Sacramento

The installation and maintenance of stucco on the façade of houses and other residential structures are frequently included in residential stucco plastering solutions. Here are a few examples of residential stucco plastering services we offer in Sacramento:

Installing Stucco: Applying stucco to a property or home's external walls while supporting it with metal lath. A pattern or color coat is added after the stucco has been spread in layers and combined to the proper thickness.

Stucco Repair: A stucco plastering specialist at Atlas Stucco can fix damaged stucco on a house or other structure. This could entail rebuilding bigger sections of damaged stucco or filling in little holes or fractures.

Stucco Painting: If you wish to change the color of your stucco, we can apply a premium exterior paint explicitly made to stick to stucco walls.

Stucco Cleaning: With time, stucco may get soiled or discolored. The coating can be cleaned with a power washer or similar cleaning tools by a stucco plastering professional from our company to enhance its appeal.

Stucco Inspection: A stucco plastering professional from Atlas Stucco can examine your stucco to find any potential problems or places that might require restoration. This can assist you in identifying issues quickly and avert more serious damage to your house.

Generally, residential stucco plastering solutions are intended to assist you in maintaining the structure and aesthetic of the exterior of your property. You can guarantee that your stucco is installed correctly, repaired as necessary, and managed to maintain its optimum appearance by dealing with a knowledgeable contractor.

Commercial Stucco Plastering in Sacramento

Typical tasks for our commercial stucco plastering services include installing, repairing, and maintaining stucco on commercial structures. Some of the offerings that constitute our commercial stucco plastering in Sacramento are listed below:

Installation of Stucco: In this process, the outer surfaces of a commercial structure are covered in stucco, supported by a metal cladding. A pattern or pigment coat is added after the stucco has been placed in layers and combined to the proper consistency.

Stucco Repair: Our stucco plastering specialists have the expertise to repair damaged and old stucco on a business structure. This could comprise repairing minor holes or cracks or fixing more significant stucco damage.

Waterproofing: Stucco is not naturally impermeable; thus, to stop water from getting into the structure, a stucco plastering specialist may be required to add a waterproofing coating to the stucco.

Painting Stucco: We can apply high-quality paint on your building's surface if you want to alter the hue of your stucco and make the exterior look of your building more attractive.

Cleaning Stucco: Since it is constantly exposed to external elements, it can quickly get dirty and soiled. Using various effective tools and techniques, you can call our commercial stucco plastering experts to clean the stucco for you.

Stucco Inspection: As commercial buildings are more exposed to weather-related elements and other harsh conditions, they can wear and tear more frequently. Hence, we advise getting in touch with us at least once a year so our experts can look at your stucco exterior and identify any minor problems before they develop into something big and disrupt your business operations.

Cost of Stucco Plastering in Sacramento

Sacramento stucco plastering costs can vary significantly based on several variables, including the building's size, the kind of plaster employed, the installation's intricacy, and the site's area. The average price per square foot for stucco plastering is between $6 and $9.

For instance, installing stucco siding on a 2,000-square-foot property in Sacramento may cost between $12,000 and $18,000. The cost may rise if more work or supplies are needed for the installation, like installing insulation or fixing damaged framing.

The price of the supplies, including the plaster mixture, the structural steel, and any further treatments or decorations that could be necessary, are also included in the price of stucco plastering in Sacramento, which is an important consideration. Also, the price could incorporate labor costs based on the company and the job's difficulty.

Get a thorough estimate from a reputable contractor if you're thinking about stucco plastering for your Sacramento residence or business to guarantee that you receive an honest picture of the final cost.

We will schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation when you get in touch with the stucco plastering experts at Atlas Stucco. After we have taken the time to understand your situation and inspected your property, we will give you a comprehensive quote so you can get an idea of how much the job will cost.

Why Choose Us?


At Atlas Stucco, we realize stucco plastering in Sacramento can be challenging and call for professionalism. Hence, we only hire skilled and experienced individuals on our team with the expertise to handle all stucco plastering projects.


One of the many reasons Sacramento residents prefer us over other stucco plastering contractors is because of our exceptional service. We only consider a project done if we are absolutely sure of your satisfaction.

Open Communication

Transparent communication is the key to a successful project. Hence, you will be kept completely updated through every project phase.

If you have any more queries or need to book an appointment for our stucco plastering services in Sacramento, feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to be of assistance!

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